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Home Re-key & Home Lock Outs

For nearly every home, locks are a crucial part of the overall security system. You likely have a lock on every door that accesses your house, and you may also have locks for outbuildings like sheds or detached garages. If you need to have those locks replaced, or if you have lost a key and need to gain access, call Key & Lock Solutions at your convenience for reliable service at fair prices.

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Locking yourself out of your house isn’t something that happens often, fortunately, but it’s one of those things that happens to everybody once or twice. If you have left your keys in the house and lock the door behind you, call in Key & Lock Solutions to get back in promptly. In a fit of frustration, some homeowners will do damage to their own property just to get inside, but that isn’t necessary. Don’t pry on a window or try to force the door open when our residential locksmith is ready to help you out.

A New Set of House Locks

There are some situations where you might decide that a new set of locks for every access point around your home is called for. As an example, when you first purchase your home, you might want to replace all the locks to start fresh from the previous owners. You don’t know who the last owners gave keys to or how many keys are floating around – for the modest cost of new locks from Key & Lock Solutions, you can be sure that no one else has your keys.

Also, you may reach a point where your current set of locks is wearing out and no longer working as nicely as they once did. That’s often the case for people who have lived in their homes for many years and used the locks thousands of times. Key & Lock Solutions may be able to repair those locks, so that’s another option, but replacing them with modern equipment could be just as cost effective.

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Alternative Access Controls

In the modern, high-tech world, there are other options beyond standard keys to secure your home and provide access to those you want to let in. If you’d like to lean on technology to make your life a little more convenient, ask Key & Lock Solutions about electronic access controls and how they can be set up to serve your home. Some of the advantages to this method include allowing kids to get back in the house without asking them to keep track of a key and being able to check on the status of your locks via mobile device.

Solve Every Home Lock Challenge

Whether you simply need to open a door that is missing a key, or you need to rekey your entire property for security reasons, Key & Lock Solutions is here to help. With a trained team of trustworthy professionals, you’ll be in good hands throughout this job. Also, our pricing is competitive with the best locksmiths in the Houston area. Give us a call now to learn more!