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Locksmith Service in Greater Houston

When the need for a locksmith arises, you probably won’t have a lot of time to make a choice. In fact, you may be in that position now – you need locksmith services, and you need them quickly. For a Houston locksmith that can deliver reliable service at a fair price, contact Key & Lock Solutions today. Our experienced team of professionals will come to your aid and solve the problem right away. We are excited to serve you!

Here at Key and Lock Solutions we try really hard to focus on two main principles and they are, looking after our customers the best we can and making sure all of our customers would use us again. How do we do that? Well, looking after your customers varies depending on what business you’re running. We try to focus on what the customer wants most from us. And that means looking at the situation the customer is in when they call us.

If a customer calls us and is locked out of their home then the first thing the customer will want from us is speed, that’s why we make sure it’s always right on time and quick with response times to emergency lock-outs.

Automotive Locksmith Services

One of the most common calls a locksmith receives is when a customer can’t access their vehicle. Whether the keys are locked inside or simply misplaced, this is something you’d rather not deal with – but help is available. At Key & Lock Solutions, we have all the necessary equipment to take care of this problem for you, no matter where in Houston you may be stranded.

Residential Locksmith Services

It’s a sinking feeling to walk up to the front door of your home and suddenly realize that the key is locked inside. You will likely feel alone in that moment, and maybe even a little silly – but that’s okay. There is no reason for embarrassment, as we have all made this mistake. As long as you have your phone available, call in Key & Lock Solutions right away and we’ll help you gain access to the home and recover your key. Our residential locksmith services in Houston also feature installing new locks and deadbolts, rekeying locks, and much more. Whatever the task may be, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Commercial Locksmith Services

As a commercial locksmith in Houston, Key & Lock Solutions is able to take on even the most complex access planning projects. Our team will work with you to determine how many different locks and keys are required, and we’ll take care of the work so you can keep up with your busy schedule. Don’t try to take on this task alone when a trusted locksmith service is just a single phone call away.


Roadside Assistance

Each time you head out of the house to go to work or run an errand, you expect to make it to and from your destination without any trouble. But who do you call if something goes wrong and you need assistance? Key & Lock Solutions is the perfect number to keep in your phone for just such an occasion. Give us a call and we will respond to your needs as soon as possible in and around the Houston area. We are here to help!

Emergency Locksmith Services

The best locksmiths are able to respond to a variety of emergency situations quickly and effectively. There are many ways a lock issue can turn into an emergency, including the examples mentioned above regarding getting locked out of your home or car. Also, you may be locked out of the office, have a broken key, or have some other issue. Not only do you need this problem solved, but you need it solved right away so you can get your day on track. Key & Lock Solutions is the right team for the job, and you’ll be just as impressed with our prices as you are with our service.

Key and Lock Solutions Always Here for You

We are all about speed, professionalism, and convenience and that’s exactly what you get when you choose us over other locksmith services in Houston and surrounding areas. We’re number one for fast response times in an emergency and all non emergency situations. We’re dedicated to providing the best service we can possibly provide at a competitive rate 24/7 365 days of the year so you always know you’ve got someone to rely on in a lockout or other locksmith situation.

When you require locksmith services, call Key and Lock Solutions today. With trained advisers manning the phones 24/7 as well as our experienced and fast response locksmiths on call at all times it’s no wonder we’re the that people call in South Houston, Sagemont, Golfcrest, Edgebrook, Pasadena, Deer Park, Baytown and surrounding areas.

Call now if you need help with lockouts, lock changes, and even new lock installations. 

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Key & Lock Solutions won’t let you down. With the right tools, knowledge, and pricing, you’ll love your experience with us from start to finish. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call now and let’s get started.

He was fast reliable got the job done and totally satisfied with his services I'll be calling back if I need another locksmith service guaranteed
Jack Wells
Car Owner
Great service. Very friendly and helpful. Great pricing. Fixed my ignition barrel on my 98 Prado.Very happy with the experience overall
James Roe
Condo Owner
Great, prompt, professional service on a after hours lock out. Call answered quite late after numerous calls to many other supposed 24hr locksmiths. The locksmith arrived & sorted us out fast. Thank you so much. Highly recommend this business
Carrie Nicks
Home Owner