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Commercial facilities often have a complex network of keys that are used to control access to various areas of the building. Managing all of these locks can be quite confusing and time-consuming, but it is an easy task for a commercial locksmith like Key & Lock Solutions. With our team on your side, you can create a plan for your property that will provide everyone the access they need without opening unnecessary security risks. Call today to get started!

Creating a Master Key System

Traditionally, commercial buildings have leaned on a master key system, and that approach continues to be in use today. If you are managing a large building with many doors, you may want to implement this type of system to gain better control over who can go where. There is a master key that opens every lock on the property, and there are keys below that level that are able to get into certain areas but not others. Our team will help you create this plan, and we will make sure all the locks are installed properly and working correctly. Of course, if you already have a master key system in place and you need help updating the system, changing some of the locks, or adding more keys, Key & Lock Solutions is ready to serve you on that front, as well.

Making the Switch to Electronic

Many of the headaches that come with using a traditional master key system can be eliminated with electronic access equipment. With electronic access, people will move through the building by using a passcode or some other form of identification rather than a key. This takes away the risk of the keys being lost or broken, so managing these systems generally requires less time and effort. And, when you work with a commercial locksmith like Key & Lock Solutions to make this change, the process will be seamless.

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Prompt Repairs

A broken or faulty lock is a security risk for a business. It might not seem like a big deal to leave a damaged lock in place for a while before it is replaced, but that might be just long enough for someone to take advantage of the situation. With so many people moving around in a commercial building each day, someone with bad intentions could come across the damaged lock and see an opportunity. Don’t let it come to that in your building. By calling in Key & Lock Solutions to have your repairs taken care of right away, that security hole will be closed up and you can rest easy knowing everything is locked as it should be.

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Let’s Discuss Your Needs

Every commercial project is a little bit different. Some businesses only need a master key and a few other keys, while other facilities demand complex access solutions. No matter your needs, Key & Lock Solutions is ready to get started on the project. Get in touch right away to learn more about our services and to ask any questions you have for our team. Thank you for visiting Key & Lock Solutions!

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